Pathgather is a learning platform for enterprise companies. I led the redesign of Pathgather’s entire platform, end-to-end, acting as a product manager, UX designer, UX researcher, UI designer, brand designer and design manager.

I was the first product person hired at Pathgather. I led a UX audit and conducted internal and external user interviews. I discovered high leverage usability issues. I suggested doing a redesign of the entire platform. The design method we employed was Dual Track Agile. After user interviews, I documented all the insights and then created user stories to support each feature. I led the complete redesign of the end-user app. We created an MVP for our end user experience then took the MVP to our customers.

I led all the UX validation interviews for our MVP while building the Admin interface. Documented all the insights into Product Board, a product management tool. I used product board to quantify all the qualitative insights. Mapping individual insights to drivers such as usability and engagement, and features.

From this process I created 130 new features and had a data driven prioritized design backlog. Created an executive summary based off of the insights. I managed a design contractor who built the full fledged mobile experience. Worked cross functionally with the Marketing department to mange a marketing designer. I also rebranded the company with a new logo and brand colors for the app.

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