Rope type foundry


Rope Type Foundry was a conceptual type foundry created by Iris Sprague and Shiva Nallaperumal as their thesis project in GDMFA program at Maryland Institute College of Arts. Shiva worked primarly on typographic expeirments. I focused Theo, a typeface super family that binds four different type classfications under one skeleton. For this project, I created four typefaces: Antiqua,Neo-Grotesk, Humanist, and Italian. Each typeface came in four weigths Light, Regular, Semi-Bold, and Bold. There were italics/oblique counter parts for the regular weights of Antiqua, Neo-Grotesk, and Humanist typefaces.

Theo was designed for publication use. The skeleton has a high x-height and a narrow build. I picked these antiqua, humanist, and neo-grotesk so users can have a variety of text options and Italian was made for display purposes.

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